Sterling Marketing -
making the most of multichannel retailing.

Find out where you’re really making money – and where you’re losing it.

Sterling Marketing’s data analysis and planning service ‘Sterling Insight’ cuts through the complexity and analyses the effectiveness of your marketing spend across all of your activities.

'Sterling Insight’ will show you:

  • Which recruitment channels are delivering the best results both short and long term.
  • Which are the most profitable channels and activities for marketing to your customers, group by group.
  • Where your spend on one activity is being duplicated in other channels, allowing you to re-evaluate and optimise your marketing spend.
  • How to predict which customers will perform best in the future and which are ‘lost causes’
  • How to grow your business by focusing on those areas that truly generate value.

We will enable you to get the most out of your marketing spend and will work with you to show you how to build on those segments and channels which generate the best ROI.

Contact us now to discuss how 'Sterling Insight' can add value to your business.